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Customer Testimonials



  • Norder Supply Inc.
    Norder Supply Inc.

    The best part of Eakes are the people that come to us! Our Eakes representative comes to our office on schedule and I never feel pressure to buy. She asks about how things are going in our industry, our current projects and about me personally. She can tell me what I used during the end of the previous year making it as simple as saying “order the same as last year”. I simply love that I can send a quick email message and can rest assured that it will be taken care of. Our delivery person is awesome! He asks if we need help with anything and answers our questions because he knows just about everything! I consider working with Eakes just like with Family! (That’s a good thing!)

  • CHS Agri Service
    CHS Agri Service

    Eakes has customer service that can’t be beat. They offer competitive pricing on office products. We appreciate the monthly report that helps us keep track of what our locations are purchasing.


  • Creative Hair Design
    Creative Hair Design

    Eakes provides us with great sales representatives and customer service, great pricing and a variety of products that is readily available and they are local.

  • Leo A Daly
    Leo A Daly

    I would like to share how wonderful it is to work with Eakes. The company is extremely reliable, and responsive to anything I have asked of them. The free delivery on any minimum order is very nice. Our Eakes representative lets me know what is new, and helps me keep track of what I have purchased in the past to compare prices and quality. It is an enjoyable experience working with the Eakes company. I would recommend them to anyone in need of supplies for their company.

  • Nebraska Truck Center
    Nebraska Truck Center

    I love working with Eakes for a number of reasons. Eakes is very competitive in the office supply market. Second, the convenience of having a local vendor to get our supplies is great. Finally, the personalized service is wonderful! Our representative does an awesome job of making sure we have what we need quickly. I would recommend Eakes to anyone needing office supplies and more! Local service, a large number of products at good prices and friendly people… they have it all!

  • Real Estate Group
    Real Estate Group

    For me, it’s all about the rep and the personal relationship we have. Eakes knows our business and what we’ve ordered and they care about getting us the best prices. I guess you could say it’s the personal touch – the caring and knowing we matter and aren’t just another account!!!

  • Silverstone Group
    Silverstone Group

    We are so pleased with the ease of ordering and with our delivery person. It just makes it a pleasure to do business with Eakes.

  • Baird & Griess, Attorneys at Law
    Baird & Griess, Attorneys at Law

    Our representative is always helpful with everything we need. We always are very happy with every order we make. If we have questions about products, we always get a straight forward answer.

  • Wilkens Livestock Insurers
    Wilkens Livestock Insurers

    We have always ordered our supplies from Eakes. We like the prices and how fast we get our orders. We have been 100% satisfied with Eakes. Thank you for your wonderful service.

Church & Non-Profit

  • St Mark's United Methodist Church
    St Mark's United Methodist Church

    Each employee of Eakes that has helped us has a special, caring and competent personality. They treat you more like family than just another customer. I would never hesitate to suggest if you want excellent quality, excellent assistance , excellent service people and excellent leadership – Eakes is your kind of company!

  • First United Methodist Church
    First United Methodist Church

    Eakes has been our supplier for office supplies and copiers for several years. Our church believes in buying local and Eakes has made that possible. We would recommend Eakes to anyone looking for a company that has competitive pricing, reliable salespeople and excellent service.

  • Senior Action, Inc.
    Senior Action, Inc.

    Eakes customer service is second to none. They are very friendly and always help me find the items I need. I also appreciate how quickly they delivery the items to our business.


  • Blue Hill Community Schools
    Blue Hill Community Schools

    Our school has been using Eakes for our office supplies for over 15 years and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job of finding the supplies we need and always at the most competitive rates around. Their delivery service for our summer supply order is second to none. The order is always on time and very organized for each individual classroom.

  • Kearney Public Schools
    Kearney Public Schools

    We have been so happy with Eakes service and their delivery person to our school. I am really going to encourage my teachers to order their school supplies from Eakes.

  • Columbus Public Schools
    Columbus Public Schools

    We chose Eakes because we wanted one supplier for all of our needs. We knew exactly what we were getting and what it would cost upfront. Online ordering was simple. It streamlined the process and I was able to do a little bit of ordering each day and come back and know exactly where I left off to continue our school order. We loved that everything that we ordered was packaged per classroom. Eakes brought it packed and labeled ready for distribution to the teachers. It saved me hours by not having to go through everything and separate it.

  • Elba Public Schools
    Elba Public Schools

    Eakes provides great customer service for our school; from our representative to the gentlemen that deliver our orders. In addition to that, if I ask a question regarding a product or an online order, they are very prompt in getting me a response. The ‘packaging orders by name’ service that Eakes provides is a tremendously helpful customer service perk. It is so nice to no longer have to sort through orders at the busiest time at the start of the school year.

  • Sylvan Learning Center
    Sylvan Learning Center

    Our Eakes representative is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to ordering products. The customer service is great and they have very fast delivery.


  • Commercial State Bank
    Commercial State Bank

    Every person at Eakes that I’ve worked with has been friendly, professional and attentive to our business needs. Our Office Products Specialist is above and beyond fantastic! Somehow she reads my mind when it comes to our business needs. Eakes works to support local businesses in a way that makes your interaction feel like a true partnership.


  • Platte County Attorney
    Platte County Attorney

    We order our office supplies from Eakes because of their friendly, no pressure salesperson and that it helps support a local business. It is simple and there is no hassle to return or exchange a product because their staff are right there in person. And we like the convenience to go to their store and shop sometimes.

  • Buffalo County Court
    Buffalo County Court

    Eakes has consistently maintained a very high level of service, product knowledge and professional sales people. Our supply representative is instrumental in helping us make the right decisions for our situation. Eakes understands our needs and our budget control and has helped us modify our procurement process for office supplies. I would definitely recommend Eakes Office Solutions to other offices and businesses.

  • Hall County Attorney
    Hall County Attorney

    Our office has purchased from Eakes Office Solutions for many years and will continue to do so. This locally owned business has excellent sales representatives that truly care about their customer and service after the sale. There is no one comparable to our supplies specialist’s sincerity she has for her clients. She is extremely dedicated to ensure we get the best product for the best price while meeting the needs of our office.


  • Friend Community Healthcare System
    Friend Community Healthcare System

    For a while we purchased from another company due to a contract through our purchasing group. That did not last long because I value customer service and Eakes always helps me – even with the smallest of issues. And I’ve never once had an issue with damaged product upon delivery like I did with the other company. Eakes is my go-to vendor for our office supplies…

  • Lexington Regional Health Center
    Lexington Regional Health Center

    LRHC uses the services at Eakes because of their dependability. Our sales rep is very knowledgeable about products. If he needs to find out more, he promptly gets back with us. He let’s us know when products are going to be on sale especially the products we use. We hope our association continues for years to come.


  • Structural Component Systems, Inc.
    Structural Component Systems, Inc.

    Eakes provides great customer service, they deliver quickly and when the need arises for a new product, that are so responsive. I have worked with many supply companies over the years. Eakes is at the top of the list for service! And their prices are good too!!!

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