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  • Allen Capital Group
    Allen Capital Group

    We were in the process of moving our printing and office supply business over to Eakes when we found out about the custodial services they offered. Which very frankly, was the frosting on the cake for us. Eakes came in, listened to what we needed then provided it quickly and efficiently. We were able to eliminate a staff person making bi-monthly trips to Sam’s to buy custodial items. Eakes has been nothing but a joy to work with across the board. They have earned our business and we thoroughly enjoy the partnership.


  • Equitable Bank
    Equitable Bank

    Before we started purchasing our coffee from Eakes, it was a bi-weekly trip to the store to purchase coffee no matter the weather. Now with Eakes own special blends, we have all agreed that Flat River is the blend for all of us! The ease of going online to order office supplies and coffee all in one place is a great convenience. It is great to be able to offer customers a cup of coffee and know that it will be a perfect cup every time. Thank you Eakes, for making this a little easier for all of us!


  • Nebraska Pulmonary Specialties
    Nebraska Pulmonary Specialties

    Eakes streamlined our ordering processes and added efficiency to so many aspects of the office. They did an evaluation of our paper towel dispensers. Not only did they estimate how much wasted product (and cost!) we had on a monthly basis, they offered a new system that creates less waste (for the environment and for our bottom line), and then they installed the dispensers free of charge. They are a true partner for our business.