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Why Work at Eakes

Eakes Flex Advantage

Eakes Flex Advantage

In addition to our standard employee benefits, the Eakes Flex Advantage is a set of progressive benefits designed to match the needs of today's working professional.

Paid Parental Leave
Time off for mothers and fathers to care for and bond with a newborn or newly adopted child

Volunteerism PTO
Paid time off to volunteer in our communities

Opportunity to work remotely from time-to-time to produce an amazing work product

Community Involvement Fee Reimbursement
We encourage employees to become involved in service organizations by paying their membership fees

Student Loan Payoff Program
Opportunity to have matching funds provided to assist in the payback of student loans

College Savings Program
Assisting you saving for your child or grandchild's college education

Education Plan
Enhance your skills and knowledge and we'll assist with the cost

Pet Insurance
Ensuring even the furriest of family members have access to insurance 

*Benefits may vary for part-time employees