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What to Consider When Buying Office Equipment and Software

Whether you live in McCook, Norfolk, Omaha or anywhere in between, chances are that Eakes has been a long-term presence in your community. We take pride in the service we provide, both from a repair standpoint and a sales perspective.

When you are shopping for new office equipment or software, we hope you will think of us first – but here are some things to keep in mind, regardless of who you choose.

1. Technology is changing. This isn’t news to anybody, right? Each new generation of any product brings enhancements and upgrades. As your primary job is probably has nothing to do with keeping up with what’s new in the world of scanning, copying, and managing your information, wouldn’t you like to have an industry expert to help guide your purchasing decisions?

  • Are you in the legal industry? We can help you automatically size your scanned documents for e-filing.
  • Are you a teacher or education administrator? There are now applications which will connect your copier with common platforms like Blackboard and Canvas.
  • Medical professionals? How secure is your fax communication? Is it time to consider a secure server of your own?
  • No on-site IT professional? New capabilities streamline the integration of new equipment into your environment, whether or not you have a dedicated support person!

Everyone can benefit from new features which allow you to scan documents directly into common Office formats, like Word and Excel. We can help you secure your scanned documents before transmission to a third party, and help you track and control your printing, scanning, faxing, and more!

2. Your work environment is changing. This MIGHT be news to you – sometimes change happens slowly enough that we don’t notice it until we realize that we are working harder than we need to in order to achieve our goals.

  • Are you still stuck in the middle of the giant task of scanning archival documents to a digital format? We can help with software that automates naming, indexing, and routing of standard forms – speeding up this task and reducing the chance for human error.
  • Do you use more than one copier as your “hub”? With the advent of the open workspace, you might have choices about where to scan and print your documents – perhaps it depends on where you choose to sit on a given day! We can help you link your office copiers so that you can access your print jobs from whatever machine you wish, and so that your scanning destinations – whether folder, email, or cloud – appear on every machine, too.
  • The way we share and access information is evolving, too. Whether you use Google Drive, One Drive, Sharepoint, or a host of other platforms, we can set you up to scan to and print from those repositories directly from your copier. If you work primarily from your tablet or other mobile device, direct printing can be easy and fast. You can scan back to those devices, too.

As our work environments continue to change and adapt to our new habits and technologies, Eakes is here to be your partner in keeping up! We want to help you be productive and enjoy your workdays. Contact us for a free walk-through and consultation and our office professionals will put together a plan for you – and remember, Eakes can be your one-stop shop. We have award winning furniture designers and a full featured website for supplies. We can now service your janitorial equipment, too!

We look forward to hearing from you…..and Happy Holidays (yes, it’s almost that time)!