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Coffee & the Breakroom

I personally love coffee and can’t imagine starting my day without it. I hate to admit it, but I have to plan time out of every morning to get my caffeine fix, which has become something of a morning ritual. I’m not alone though. As most of you have probably noticed, there are specialty coffee shops popping up all over your communities. Lattes, iced coffees, shaken teas and even alcoholic coffee drinks are popular with many.

So, as an employer, why should you care about coffee? Why not just let your employees bring in what they like? Why should you pay for their “fancy” coffee? Well, 1 in 4 employees leave their building during work hours to get a beverage, and that equates to a lot of lost time and productivity. On top of that, employee retention and satisfaction are two additional good reasons to put some money and effort into your employees’ breakroom experience.

A few years ago we invested in our own line of coffee, Flat River Premium Coffee™, and now offer a full coffee service. Although I have already explained to you my love for coffee, there actually was still a lot that I had to learn. Here’s a few facts about the coffee business:

Many people still love their Folgers, but to get close to the coffee house appeal you need to look at a better grade coffee. Look for 100% Arabica bean coffee. This coffee won’t be as bitter and has less of an aftertaste.

Roast is another important consideration. There are 3 types of roast: Light, Medium and Dark. Most people assume Light roast has the least caffeine but it is actually the opposite – it has the most. Breakfast and House blends tend to be a light roast coffee. Medium is generally preferred by most, and is similar to a Donut Shop blend. While the definition of Dark can vary with each person’s taste, you’re typically looking at a Dark Roast or French Roast blend.

Portion packs are another great way to help keep employees happy with their office coffee. People tend to be inconsistent with the portions they use when making coffee. Fraq or Filter packs are a great way to ensure the same consistent cup of coffee each time. Fraq packs are individual bags with loose coffee that you just dump into the coffee carafe. You simply use the entire bag each time – no measuring or scoops needed. Filter packs are even better because there are no loose coffee grounds after each pot is brewed - the filter is adhered together with coffee grounds in the middle. No mess, just toss and brew again!

A final concern is variety. While a standard commercial coffee pot with a small selection of blends will appeal to most of your workforce, there are employees that want hot chocolate, teas and flavored coffees. Single serve machines like Keurig are nice to have to round out employee options for those that like Pumpkin Spice Coffee or Green Tea.

Hopefully this information is beneficial for you incorporating coffee and other hot drinks into your office breakroom. As always, feel free to contact an Eakes Specialist with any questions regarding a complete coffee solution for your business.