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My Favorite Writing Instruments


Since I was a little girl heading off to school for the very first time, I have appreciated possessing nice pens, markers and, at the time, high quality crayons. Although my needs have changed over the years, I still have my favorite pens, markers and highlighters.

In a pen, I like something that is not too light or too heavy. I want to feel the weight a bit in my hand. I like a pen that writes smooth and doesn’t smear. Like many people, I do not press down hard when I write, so I find that gel pens work well for me, as the ink flows nicely onto the paper. For the tip size, my preference is a medium tip (.7mm). Narrow tips are too fine and bold usually gets blobby-looking. To fit the above criteria, two pens I recommend are the Papermate Inkjoy gel pen and the Pentel EnerGel Metal Tip gel pen. Papermate’s Inkjoy gel ink pen (PAP 1953511) doesn’t smear, is inexpensive and comes in many fun colors. Pentel’s EnerGel Metal Tip pen (BL77V) is a pleasure to write with and I like that it comes in my favorite color, purple!

I use highlighters frequently and have some favorites. Generally, I like a pen style highlighter. With a thinner barrel, it is just easier to store and more comfortable in my hand. Some highlighters color too light and others seem to soak through the paper – both frustrate me. Sanford recently came out with their Clearview highlighter series. These highlighters (SAN 1950749) have a nice feature where you can see through to the page you are highlighting so you don’t go into the next word with the ink. Also, their ink is non-smearing and doesn’t bleed through the paper. Additionally, one of my problems with highlighters is forgetting to put the cap back on and they dry out. The Sanford retractable highlighters (SAN 28175PP), which have the convenient retractable push button at the top so you don’t have to search for a cap every time.

Two final writing instruments that I recently have come to love are the BIC Permanent Markers (BIC GPM11BK) and the Quartet Mini Dry-Erase Markers (QRT 51661142Q). BIC’s permanent markers are a great value as a substitute for their more famous competitive product and you can leave the cap off for over 2 weeks and the ink will not dry out! The Quartet Mini Dry-Erase markers are a good find for anyone that is using a desktop or small marker board in their workspace. The eraser is on the cap, they are magnetic, and with their fine tip, I much prefer them over a bold standard dry erase marker.

Whether you have the same appreciation for writing instruments as I do, or simply need a reliable pen and highlighter, I hope this insight helps you with your next purchase.