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Keeping Your Workspace Clean

How do you keep it clean? By “it”, I mean your individual workspace. Most companies either use a Building Services Contractor or designated staff to assure their business is regularly cleaned. While these folks will clean the shared spaces like conference rooms, breakrooms, restrooms, floors, etc., they often do not clean the surfaces in individual workspaces or offices. Let’s face it; most of us don’t want someone else touching our desktops. Most often that means that we, individually, are responsible for cleaning the more personal areas of our workspaces.

At Eakes, we provide office furnishings and janitorial cleaning products and are often asked for our expertise on caring for these personal areas. Here are a few suggestions on how to “keep it clean”.

Cleaning a work surface is simple if you use the correct products.

Rule #1: Don’t use a furniture polish on any work surface even if it is a wood veneer. It will leave an undesirable film on the surface.

For laminate surfaces, use a glass cleaner that you spray and wipe off. (GJO 10350) To remove finger smudges on darker laminates, a blue microfiber cloth for glass works great. (LFK100) You can also use this to clean your monitor. Never use a glass cleaner directly on a monitor; lightly spray cloth first.

Wood veneer desks are best cleaned with a mild soap and water followed with a dry soft cloth to dry.

There is a workplace trend going away from the “official” 10 minute break. Many of us take our breaks at our desks with a beverage or snack at hand while we continue to work. If you happen to spill on the carpet or the fabric chair upholstery, use Proxi Spray & Walk Away Stain Remover. (RCM PC11849315 and trigger sprayer RCM 35489500) What’s great about this product is that you use it exactly like it is named. Spray the soiled area before you leave the office for the day. When you arrive in the morning, the stain is gone. This is the best way to remove an organic and protein based stain because you are not applying any abrasion to the fabric or carpet. Some deep or older stains may take several treatments.

To care for a leather chair, wipe off dust frequently with a soft microfiber cloth. (IMP LFK300) For light soiling, take a damp cloth and wipe it across a moisturizing soap and lather the leather. Don’t rinse; buff with a soft cloth to a nice shine.

The last area to clean is also a hard-to-reach place like the top of a binder bin or storage cabinet. A Chenille Hi-Duster will clean those high top areas without climbing on a chair or a desktop. (IMP LHDC) We’ve all probably done that before and it is a disaster waiting to happen.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Studies have shown that a clean workspace increases productivity. So do it for yourself. And maybe, just maybe you will create the time to actually take that “official” ten minute break away from your desk.