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How I Stay Organized

I wouldn’t put myself in the category of “organization guru”. However, in my role at work, I have many requests that come in daily. Lots of meetings and large time-consuming, data driven projects. Because I am frequently pulled away from what I am working on, I needed to come up with a system that worked for me. Amid all of the chaos, here’s how I stay organized:

Red Notebook

1) Separate notebooks for distinct needs. I used to have one notebook or legal pad that I was grabbing when I thought I might take notes at a meeting or to write out a “to do” list for the day. I found that I couldn’t remember what notebooks I used, or even where in the notebook I had written the notes. Since I have lots of vendor meetings, I have a “vendor” notebook. Then I have another notebook for department meetings and so on. Three notebooks works for me. Having distinct colors makes it easy to grab quickly, and replaceable pages are nice so I keep my same system in place. (Pictured: RED B115008U)

Whiteboard Tray

2) Reminder notes. Yes, I sell Post-it Notes, and I love all the different colors! Recently it was getting ridiculous on my desktop with all the random notes. I now have a small organizer with a white board that I use on my desktop for quick reminders. It helped reduce the clutter on my desktop. And it’s fun to get to erase each note once something is completed. (Pictured: QRT GDP186)

Multicolor Folders

3) I’m a piler – not a filer. The items I am actively working on are always on my desktop. However, I do file a few things for reference. I always tried to sequence the tabs: right, center, left. This just didn’t work for me because I would end up with too many right or left or center tab file folders. I recently went through and put all the tabs to one side. I like that it looks cleaner and I can easily find what I am looking for. Additionally, I use the erasable tab folders so I can change out the headings without having to change the folder. (Pictured: SMD 64031)

In this ever-changing fast-paced world, it seems like the simplest things get over looked. Being organized can really help keep you on task and get you through each day.