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I never thought I would be talking about patience, as it is one of the things that I have the least of in my life. I pretty much dislike waiting on something that I know can be done quicker, and this was all I ever knew, that is, until my wife and I had our son two years ago. That defining moment – when he entered our lives – will always be what can make me step back and let things progress in a timely fashion.

It has been with the birth of our child that my patience has been tested like a daily pop quiz in school. Things can range anywhere from getting loaded in the car to his stalling before bedtime when he is overly tired. It is these times that even though they can be very trying as an adult and parent, I step back and realize how lucky I really am to be a parent of a child that is so enthusiastic. Not only is he a joy and love to be around, but he is teaching me many things as an adult.

Patience is a big deal in my position at work as I work with technology and many different ages of users. They are all on different levels of the technology-savvy spectrum which can make the training and troubleshooting difficult. My goal is to correct, train, and make each user-experience better than it was before asking for assistance. This can be challenging in some cases, but in the end we all want the same goal.

There are bigger things to worry about, and more time in the world than we let on to be. We have to be strong in showing our youth of today that there are bigger things out there. The world will not revolve around what time we get somewhere (even though I am a very prompt person), or whether or not his shoes match his outfit. The bigger thing is that he is healthy, and with that I am grateful to be a father, even though it has tested my patience time and time again.