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What is a Print Assessment?

In my years of experience at Eakes, I have found myself in many offices selling equipment and other business solutions. Although the technology has changed over time, one thing that has stayed true: even the best laid plans have room for improvement. Speaking more specifically, it’s your print environment that has room for improvement.

What do I mean by print environment? Your print environment consists of the various printing devices (copiers, printers, fax, plotters, etc.) throughout your workplace, and important information like where they are located and how they are being used. The floorplan of the building, the number of employees using each device, device configuration and the types of printing being done are factors to consider. But how do we gauge whether your print environment is good or bad? It is something we like to call a print assessment.

A print assessment is just as it sounds – it’s an assessment of your current print environment. It is a completely free service that Eakes provides to any business looking to save some money on printing while improving office efficiency. We help you address relevant questions like “How much am I really spending on printing?” and “Are we using our printing devices effectively?

A “print assessment” sounds like a big and time-consuming project, but we make it very simple for you. We gather current copier and printer meter counts from your printing devices at two different times. Using that data, we forecast what it will look like over a longer period of time. That data, combined with your company’s needs and initiatives, will provide the information needed for a comprehensive print assessment. We’ll show you where you can save some money and improve your technology.

That’s all there is to a print assessment from Eakes. Our goal is not only to save you some cash, but to improve your company workflow by upgrading, consolidating or eliminating redundancy. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 200 devices either. We have saved companies up to 40% on their printing costs. If you are reading this and don’t know what you are currently spending on your office printing, please feel free to contact us for a free print assessment here.