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Meeting Tools & Tips

In my position at Eakes, I often host all-day sales and product training meetings. Through this experience, I have identified some “must have” meeting supplies and tactics that help support different formats.

For small group breakout sessions, I like using large Post-it Note easel pads (MMM559) for each group to write down their thoughts on a given topic. When it is their turn to share with the entire group, the easel pad paper will stick on any surface without using tape, leaving no damage to the walls. If the topic we are discussing might benefit from color coding our thoughts, I use Post-It Meeting Notes in fun multicolor packs, in either 6” x 4” or 8” x 6” sizes (MMM6445SSP or MMM6845SSP). I am also sure to bring Flip Chart Markers (SAN22474) versus regular markers because they will not bleed through paper and ruin desks, tables or walls. Once everyone has shared their ideas, it is easy to just take a picture of the information to share later with everyone that attended.

It can be challenging to keep the attention of modern learners. Phone calls, text, email, and social media are all competing for our attention. I always request that devices be turned off, but even I have a difficult time not looking at my phone when I am sitting in a presentation.

Training Groups PhotoInstead of each presenter going in front of the entire group one after the other, one tactic that has been successful for me is to place everyone at “learning stations”. This is where each presenter is set up at their own table. Those attending the meeting are placed in smaller 4-6 person groups. They spend 20 to 30 minutes at each table with each vendor to learn about new products. This allows everyone to be closer to the presenter, which improves listening and interaction, and they have the opportunity to be hands-on with each product. The increase in activity helps to keep everyone moving and off their devices.

I hope sharing these few tools and tips helps you to have a more engaging session at your next meeting.