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Green Cleaning

What is Green Cleaning? For many, it may mean cleaning with environmentally safe products. But more and more facility managers and business cleaning services are realizing the benefits of health-conscious cleaning. That is cleaning for the safety and health of the person doing the cleaning and the people who occupy the space.

One goal of Green Cleaning is to reduce exposure to chemicals. Think of the people mixing and cleaning with the chemicals in your facility. As they lean over the bucket and pour in the chemicals or refill bottles of cleaner, they are exposed to a higher concentrated formula that is more toxic to the skin, and the release of chemical gases alone can be harmful. So how do we make this safer?

Converting to a closed package safe system removes the exposure to mixing chemicals while also providing dilution control. Dilution control systems take the “human error” factor out of hand mixing chemicals by mixing the correct chemical-to-water ratio without any direct contact with the undiluted product. Using properly labeled spray bottles will also help make sure the wrong product doesn’t get put in the wrong bottle. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires that all bottles be properly labeled of what the contents are inside.

The use of Green Cleaning products provides the next level of safety for those using chemicals. This is what you should look for when selecting environmentally friendly products.
• Nontoxic
• Fragrance free
• Bio-based
• Formulated for cold water
• Concentrated
• No VOCs
• Biodegradable

Contact an Eakes Janitorial Specialist today to learn more about the use of “green” chemicals with a dilution control system. We’ll help you cut costs – and more importantly – increase the safety of your facility for the people who clean and work in it.