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It's a New Year!

With the New Year approaching, it is a time of reflection on the past year and an opportunity to look forward to the new.

For those of us at Eakes, we will reflect on the loss of a longtime coworker and friend, Ken Bodlack. He fought like a Jedi in his battle with cancer, but sometimes victory eludes us as it did him. But oh, did he fight with the grace of a great warrior!

I look back on his career at Eakes with admiration. He could fix anything, liked fixing everything and he chose wisely in selecting a career as a Service Engineer at Eakes, where he applied that ability every day. By choosing a career that fit his natural abilities, there was a synergy between his work life and personal life. And that positively impacted everyone around him – customers, coworkers, family and friends!

It makes me pause and think… Did I consciously “select” a career that was a fit for me personally and my natural abilities or like many, did I just kind of fall into it?

I land in the “fall into it” group. But as a tenured employee at Eakes, both the company and I have adapted together over the years. Today I use some innate abilities like creativity, a love of math and organization in my work. It works for Eakes and it works for me.

Tenure at Eakes is high which gives both the people and their “work” time to adjust and fit better together. There may be some who are still searching for that personal synergy with their work. To you, I would say, explore the “new” with this New Year. Maybe it’s asking for a tweak to your current position, or putting your name in the running for that job opening. Maybe you are in college or looking to start a “career”. Whatever your life choice may be – take a page out of Ken’s life plan and select a path that utilizes your natural abilities and works for you both personally and professionally.

It will make for a life well lived!