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Why I Like IT

People will ask me, “Do you like your job?” The answer to that is always an easy one for me. Yes. How could I not like my job? Jobs in IT are great. Not only is every day different, but there are always new challenges. I am sure that I could not do the same thing day in and day out without boredom setting in. With a job in IT, I am never bored because I am not always sure what is around the next corner.

I start most days with a plan to get A, B, and C done but that might not hold true depending on the users that we support. Where there is a need, there’s a change in focus for the day. There are some days that I hope that just A gets done. While some might find this very troubling, I find working on the unexpected exciting.

Also when you are budgeting for IT for the upcoming year and then when you purchase said items it is like receiving birthday gifts. It may be a new switch or a new server, but to us IT guys, that is exciting! With every new purchase you are fulfilling a need to upgrade your infrastructure or you are planning on building something great for your company. These types of purchases can push your organization to that next level.

Another part that makes IT exciting is the impact you can have within your company. Not only can you influence just how a user works daily, but you can make a big difference in how your company goes to market and excels on the backend. As IT folks we may be seen as a cost center, but we make things easier and more efficient so others in the company can do their part to make the entire team a success. We are a support piece in the grand scheme of things, but we enable our company and all of its employees to be successful. Just think how interconnected every position in your organization is because of technology. The scope of IT in today’s work place is simply amazing!