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Fun Gadget for the Home

This past spring my home sprinkler system controller was on the fritz. Instead of buying a new one off the shelf, I did a little searching and found one that can be controlled both via the web and an app on your smartphone. This did two things for me. First, and most importantly, it allowed me to get my sprinkler system up and working again. But this new system also has some built-in programming, like to water as needed, changing watering times, and skip watering based on weather and many more.

The new controller is also very helpful for checking your sprinkler heads. Instead of turning your sprinklers off and on and running to see which pop up, you can simply stand anywhere, tap a button on your phone and watch to see what happens without running back and forth. This can end up being a huge time saver and incredibly convenient. As an added bonus, if you like to have a little fun with your neighbors, you can be in the driveway and turn on the sprinklers as your neighbor is walking over.

Next time you have an appliance in your household that’s malfunctioning or completely goes out, check to see all the options of replacing it. There are some really cool tech gadgets that can resolve your problem and even enhance your home.