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What Motivates Great Sales People

If your company has either a product or service to sell, then read on.

I read a very good article recently about “What Makes A Great Sales Person Tick” by Dave Fellman, President of David Fellman & Associates.

What I liked about the article was it was short and it struck home.

At Eakes, we are always looking for “great sales people”. We have a hiring process set up for finding them including behavioral profiles, researching past employment and social media, and extensive interviewing. And with our due diligence we still manage to hire a few average sales people.

What Mr. Fellman pointed out was our thinking may be flawed. If we continue to look for money-motivated, self-starters, which sounds great for hiring sales people, we may get an unsatisfactory result.

Think about it. If it was only about money, and the opportunity is there, why aren’t they earning more?

“It’s really not the money that drives most highly-motivated people. It’s what they can do with the money. The most motivated salespeople I know are spurred on by specific things they want to have in their lives.” says Dave.

Also, the person who tells you they are self-starter with a passion to sell might be found lacking in the “great sales person” category. “I think you’re better off with the person who tells you that he or she understands the importance of doing a job for a full day, every day. I think there’s a perception within the sales community that great salespeople are artists. OK, there’s no question that the great ones are creative in their approach to meeting the challenges of selling, but beyond that, they just plain work hard – because that’s what the great ones do, in selling or sports or medicine or teaching or anything else.”

Got it! Look for people who have specific things they want in their lives that money can buy and are willing to work hard to get it.

If you are involved with great sales people, that makes complete sense. Thank you Dave!

To read the full article, click here.