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Introducing: The Eakes Blog!

After considering for what seems like an eternity, Eakes is taking the leap in the brave world of Blogging! Our objective with our blog is to provide unique and valuable insights to our readers about how our company works and how our people think. You will find ‘How Tos’ and ‘Self Helps’, ‘Motivations’ and ‘Insights’ about Eakes and its people.
We will be posting new blogs to our site routinely and we encourage you to stop by and take a read. There will be multiple authors including folks from all different walks of Eakes life: Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR and more.
Why blog? By allowing readers to get to know writers and their companies better, blogs help create stronger relationships. Blogs connect us and accelerate our ability to discover more about things that interest us. Blogs create a level of confidence and trust that matters to businesses.
So, off we go… into the great world of blogging! We hope you’ll join us!